NUMEROLOGY FOR HEALING: Your Personal Numbers as the Key to a Healthier Life by Michael Brill

Michael Brill, NUMEROLOGY FOR HEALING: Your Personal Numbers as the Key to a Healthier Life, 2009, Vermont, Destiny Books, 171 page softcover.

Most numerology books, especially from the last century are either unbearably pompous or so basic that they tell the reader next-to-nothing.

Here, at last, is a useful, accessible 21st century numerology system that encompasses psychology, quantum physics, geomatria and reincarnation. It is no fortune-telling manual, but a genuine attempt to interpret individual numerology in order to identify positive and negative characteristics and use them as a key to management and healing.

Author Michael Brill has been working as a numerologist for over two decades with schools, businesses and corporations, including two years with NASA. He is well known on radio and television throughout the Western world.

Modern thinking has brought us to the stage of awareness that many of our illnesses, physical and psychological conditions and vulnerabilities are deep-seated and of an emotional nature. But how does it happen? Mr Brill uses his Cosmic Numerology to illustrate that very thing. He first outlines the theories behind Cosmic Numerology. A word to the wise is essential here. The reader will definitely need to have a belief in reincarnation, divine will, karma and associated beliefs. There seems to be a studious avoidance of modern science and medicine in this book. According to Brill, the numbers 1 to 9 represent creative frequencies/energies. These frequencies form more or less of our basic behaviour patterns and resonate with other blueprints of matching frequencies. So everything in existence has an energy frequency and can be related in this instance with numbers and letters. Mr Brill considers that the basic human ego emotion is one of abandonment, that is one of separation from the divine source. Thus, all behaviour is a reaction to this. So, depending on past life experiences, behaviours will vary as will our vulnerabilities and the lessons we need to master in this life. The numbers of our birth time and the letters of our name can be teased apart to find out what we need to do to achieve balance in our present lives. While all this sounds rather deterministic, we do have the choice to change our patterns. Mr Brill recommends a variety of holistic treatments to target known problem areas.

In the following chapters the mechanics of numerology is explained. The usual numbers are assigned to letters. A timely note on name changes is included. There are positive and negative aspects of all numbers and combinations. The negatives are considered as ‘challenges’. Each number has a cluster of positive and negative aspects. For instance, number 3 has issues involving social interactions and acceptance of self and others. Positives include joy, wit, charm, creativity, intelligence, and humour. The negatives include mood swings, lack of forgiveness, introversion, vanity, inferiority, sarcasm, jealousy, and bad temper. Once you know your numbers you can begin to practice the positive aspects and see the differences it makes. It is not always easy. Your challenge numbers include the Achievement number, Life Challenge numbers, and karmic lessons. Do not be intimidated, for Chapter Four contains the way to identify the solutions to your personal challenges.

With all these numbers under your belt you will now be ready to have a look at the over 200 physical and mental health conditions that Mr Brill lists alphabetically. He analyses their letters/numbers and outlines the emotional and behavioural conditions that characterize them. You will see how they fit with your own numbers or simply look up a common condition and see what behaviour or emotion causes it and what to do about it. Entries range from Abscesses to Yeast infections. Just about everything you can think of is in between. The entry for Indigestion has many numerical explanations, but studiously ignores the number one cause – overeating.

These entries take up over half of the book.…

Mr Brill concludes by explaining that illness or “dis-ease” (rather than disease) will manifest when the individual chooses the path of self-protection. The self-protection is from the fear of abandonment or being alone. It affects all people. We ourselves choose the separation from our true selves. We can just as readily choose reunion with our spiritual self and live free from the fear of abandonment that causes disharmony. Constant observation of your own ego desires and emotions will reveal where your challenges are. There is certainly much work to be done, but this book will give you some tools for the journey.

This book is for the individual who may experience frustration, fear, physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain and mental illness. If you have never been able to put your finger on the reasons behind some of your conditions, this Cosmic Numerology system might just be what you are looking for. It has the capacity to go deep inside your being and personality. It also offers some great suggestions for solutions.

The book also has an excellent bibliography of Numerology books at all levels and other resource books of related interest.


Jennifer Hoskins


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