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Since 2004, I have been reviewing books for New Dawn Magazine and the collection of reviews has grown to become hundreds of files. This site is dedicated to the readers who find them useful and entertaining. I can assure you that I have read each and every book reviewed listened to every CD reviewed and watched every DVD reviewed in order to give you the best description of each. Living now in the United States after moving here in 2011, I have continued to review books for New Dawn mostly from publishers based here. I hope you enjoy this collection of reviews. Some of them are unique to these pages and some are done at the request of the author.

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Many of these reviewed items are available from New Dawn Magazine's book service. Please support the authors you enjoy and I hope that my reviews have helped you to choose a book you will enjoy reading.

To find one of my reviews by author, keyword or title, use the search bar to the right. To find all reviews by year, select the year category on the right hand menu. We have tried to make this site easy to navigate. It will be updated as reviews are completed and published.

Also, please note the area called Chronicles which describes my life in New England in the United States as I discover the beauty of the land and the people. It seems almost mandatory that I become involved in politics here since it is a national pastime with passionate participants everywhere. I find myself easily drawn into conversations and form opinions quickly. Read some of them here in the Random Musings area.

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